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the law of gravity!

Corporate events

“Come defy the law of gravity!»
We organize corporate events, children’s parties, birthday parties, quests and seminars. We offer entertainment, catering, buffets, private rooms, group flying sessions etc.
FREEZONE is the only complex in the world makes possible to fly directly to 40 people. Each client receives a free video of their flight and can purchase the best pictures.

Children’s Parties

You taught your children to walk, let us teach them to fly!

 Offer your kids something «out of this world» experience and organize a birthday party at FREEZONE!

 They feel the same sensation as skydiver does when they are free, but they will be in a completely safe, controlled and fun environment.
Book your party at one of our cafés, with a view of the flights so you won’t miss any of the instructors flying demos!

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