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Come defy the law of gravity!

Wind tunnel:

  • 17 м/ 17’
  • 12 м/12’

17 м


5 м


Wind tunnel 17 м/ 17’

Universal tool for athletes parachutists and military paratroopers in training their skills. Opportunity for training variations of any complexity.

  • 16,5 R4-2000

    Wind tunnel
  • 300 км/ч

    The maximum flow rate
  • up to 8 people

    Variants flight

12 м


3.7 м


Wind tunnel 12 м/12’

The best option for the feeling of the first flight

  • 12 R4-1000

    Wind tunnel
  • 285 км/ч

    The maximum flow rate
  • up to 4 people

    Variants flight

  • 1998

  • 2007

  • 2010

  • 2016

Origin of the Sports

Since 1998 professional sportsmen and amateurs have been training in wind tunnels manufactured by SkyVenture Company. For the past decades more than 6 million of adults and children in more than ten countries have experienced the thrill of flight.


In 2007 FREEZONE made wind tunnel sports available to all Russian people when the first wind tunnel was launched.


In 2010 FREEZONE launched the second wind tunnel which was one of the largest ones in the world being 17 feet in diameter.


At the present moment FREEZONE is a dynamically developing Complex providing sports and entertainment services. The first wind tunnel beyond Moscow will be launched in 2017 in the capital of Mordovia.

The high quality equipment for the photo flights

The world record for the simultaneous determination of the flight chamber is put in a tunnel of this type (28 человек)

Panoramic video, 24 hours online broadcast

Overview of the flight chamber to 4 m


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