Аэродинамическая труба Московская область, Симферопольское шоссе с 09:00 до 22:00 8 (495) 153-26-95 от 1200 до 15000 руб.
Tunnels Freezone
Tunnels Freezone
One of the largest flight zones in the world

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Sport and entertainment Park Freezone

Two tunnels produced by the American company Skyventure - the world leader in this field.

The size of the flight zone is the largest in Russia / Europe

Фото №1 Park
Фото №2 Park
In 2016, the large-scale development of the Freezone complex began. A comfortable hotel with 44 rooms of different classes was being built on the territory.
The complex features are: a Banquet hall, a café and a restaurant, the VR-world, cable park, and Indoorsurfing. In our sports and entertainment Park You can hold events of the following types: conferences, children's parties, corporate events, children's games.

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Give the flight to your family and friends!