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A unique indoor skydiving center and adventure complex

  • 1998

  • 2007

  • 2010

  • 2016

Freezone History

Origin of the Sport

With many thanks to SkyVenture, professional sportsmen and amateurs have been training in wind tunnels since 1998.
Over the past decade more than 6 million people in more than ten countries, experienced the thrill of flying. Children and adults welcome.


In 2007 FREEZONE made wind tunnel sports available to all Russian people when the first wind tunnel was launched.


In 2010 FREEZONE launched the second wind tunnel which was one of the largest ones in the world being 17 feet in diameter.


Now FREEZONE is a dynamically developing upcoming park, with a VR polygon and quest (opening in a month), a hotel (soon opening), a bath complex, recreational areas.

Indoor Skydiving | Fitness of the Future

Indoor Skydiving tests your mobility, balance, body awareness, coordination, and symmetry. A great sport to get your fitness and health up!

More than 4000 children enjoy flying at Freezone every year. Come enjoy our healthy cafe and adventure complex.

Freezone promotes an active, healthy and adventurous lifestyle

Our specially trainded coaches and instructors assess each persons abilities and ensures a safe first flight and progression for all.

Air flow up to 300 km/h (186 mph)

World champions and other professional athletes from around the world train at Freezone because of its superior airflow quality. Freezone aims to provide consistent, good quality airflow in a safe and controlled environment for everyone to enjoy.


The first flight course is the safest way to experience freefall and a great way to prepare for AFF.

Our professional instructors teach, assist and support you through your entire flight.


All programs include theoretical and practical training with a certified coach.
If you enjoy the experience you can go on to train your preferred discipline without having to jump out of an airplane. Our coaches will help you progress and learn.

AFF (Accelerated Free Fall)

An advanced training in an indoor freefall simulator (wind tunnel), which includes intensive individual training of those wishing to go through a parachute jump, considering the tasks a student will get at the airfield. A minute of free fall in a wind tunnel is equivalent to a jump from a height of 4000 meters. In case of a parachute jump from 4000 meters, free fall lasts for just 40 seconds.

RW (Relative Work)

It includes team acrobatics (free fall manoeuviring) in 4-way, 8-way, 10-way and 16-way combinations. The most popular combination (“pair” and “quad”) comes in two types: speed manoeuvring and manoeuvring while fixing a figure for a specific period of time.


This style, which is also applied at shows, is different from others in that the position of the body is vertical and the speed of free fall is very high.

There are the following types of the discipline:

Head up ‒ fall in a head-up position;
SeatFly ‒ fall in a seating position;
BackFly ‒ fall in a supine position;
Head Down ‒ fall in a head-down position.


It is a discipline that implies solo performance in the wind tunnel or falling in pairs in the sky (performing sportsman + camera operator) that includes doing sophisticated show elements and spinning in different planes and along different axes.
Freestyle demonstrates all the vivacity of a creative mind and performance skills of the performer. Discipline aesthetics can be compared to dancing.

Dynamic Fly

This discipline has emerged just lately, yet it has already won a reputation of the most spectacular one in the world of wind tunneling and parachuting. The discipline implies continuous fly without static positions used in Freefly.

Tunnel Fun

It is a fitness-training in the wind tunnel not related to parachuting disciplines.


In 2016 a large-scale development of the FREEZONE complex began. The launch of the hotel is planned for 2017.


In 2016, the complex was reconstructed, thanks to which in the territory of FREEZONE in
Currently there is a bar with a view of the flights and a children's room.
The opening of a new restaurant cafe is planned by summer 2017.

FREEZONE - not only about flying

"VR-Polygon" - a tactical shooter, in virtual reality. It is a possibility to be a part of the whole game process. Players will have to work out a joint plan to capture the enemy base, otherwise the task will be much more difficult.

A unique indoor skydiving center and adventure complex


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