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Flying in Moscow - Freezone official website

Our advantage


Air Tube Sizes

The biggest and the best tunnels not only in Moscow, but also in all Eastern Europe, more flight zone you will not find anywhere else in the world.


High level of professional training in the field of turbine and parachute sports, the ability to improve their skills in practice.


One of the best coaching staff. Our specialists will prepare you for the flight to the tunnels and spend an amazing master-class in the same flight along with you.


Unlimited opportunities for those who need a cozy and properly prepared area for the holidays, training, quests, and other events

Rates for Proflyers

Tunnel type 12 ft

249 euro
The price one hour per flight
Departing 10 hours — 1 hour free
* When booking flight time, a link to the promotion is required. The offer is valid until 01.01.2022
Tunnel 12 ft

Tunnel type 17 ft

310 euro
Mon and Tues, Wed-Fri 8.00-18.00
360 euro
Wed-Fri 18.00-00.00, Sat and Sun
  • Purchase from 15 min.
  • When buying a Deposit of 10 hours —
    1 hour free
Tunnel 17 ft
About park

Sport and entertainment Park Freezone

Two tunnels produced by the company Skyventure - the world leader in this field.

The size of the flight zone is the largest in Russia / Europe

Фото №1 F.Kitchen
Фото №2 F.Kitchen

Give the flight to your family and friends!

Зона активного
для любителей
и не только.
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