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You have taught children to walk
– we will teach them to fly!
Birthday in FreeZone.
an Unforgettable holiday for children!

Flying in Moscow - Freezone official website

The organization of the children's
birth and holidays

Freezone in the Park, occupying two hectares, arrange child's birthday party "turnkey". The variety of entertainment complex allows you to guarantee the ability to offer children of all ages an interesting program. Please contact us for the organization of extraordinary holidays to the specialists of the Park, if you want the event to be bright and memorable.

The complex offers turnkey services. This means that you only need to place an order and approve the program. All the preparatory questions will be taken by the specialists of the Park. Parents do not need to spend their own time and effort.

An tunnels is an opportunity to feel the state of free flight. Children can fly in the Park from the age of four. When ordering a children's holiday "turnkey" the program can include flights that will give children unforgettable emotions.

All flights are accompanied by experienced instructors. They before the beginning of entertainment tell children the basic rules and help already directly in the wind tunnel to learn how to control the flight.

Holding a children's birthday party for teenagers

For a child's birthday party, when the child has already reached adolescence, virtual reality is one of the best ways to have fun. In Freezone Park you can organize a children's party, first offering exciting flights in an air tube, and then a game in virtual reality. We organize birthdays "turnkey" in Moscow, so you can just bring the teenagers, leave them in the care of our employees and pick up when the holiday program is completed. Our experts will help to organize and hold children's birthdays, will be able to interest them with a lot of entertainment in the Park.

  • The largest flight zone in the world
  • Team game in "VR Polygon"
  • Experienced animators and fun contests
  • Exciting quests
  • Individual programs and shows
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Organization of holidays for young children

Our experts are engaged in carrying out various on subjects of children's holidays. The heroes of various popular cartoons come to visit the children. We come up with programs, taking into account the age of the guests, we try to make them as interesting and fun as possible. During such a festive day held a lot of contests. We try not to repeat ourselves and constantly come up with new programs. Therefore, many parents come to us every year to celebrate their children's birthday. They are sure that we will be able to please with the new entertainment program, and children will never get tired of flying. Air tube – it's fun, which does not happen much.

  • Banquet facilities from 20 to 200 people
  • Unusual venues for children's birthdays
  • 2 wind tunnels (very unusual and memorable activity)
  • Polygon virtual reality Engage (300 m)
  • Unique wind tunnel shows

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Give the flight to your family and friends!

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