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Flying in Moscow - Freezone official website

Feel complete freedom. Discover what it means to «REALLY FLY».

Today, there are many tunnels in Moscow, many of which are open near the metro or in popular shopping centers. It would seem that you need to go 30 km from Moscow to fly, because there are tunnels and closer. But Freezone is not just an tunnels, it is a real aerodynamic complex.

We chose the Moscow region for construction not by chance-is it possible to build such a tunnels in Moscow, in which easily can fly immediately from 6 until 27 man*?


Only here You can learn what it means to fly for real, with a flourish and without fear of accidentally hitting the glass.

* Joint flight from two people is allowed only for athletes


Our advantage


Air Tube Sizes

The biggest and the best tunnels not only in Moscow, but also in all Eastern Europe, more flight zone you will not find anywhere else in the world.


High level of professional training in the field of turbine and parachute sports, the ability to improve their skills in practice.


One of the best coaching staff. Our specialists will prepare you for the flight to the tunnels and spend an amazing master-class in the same flight along with you.


Unlimited opportunities for those who need a cozy and properly prepared area for the holidays, training, quests, and other events
Фото №1 Flying in the wind tunnel 2109
Flying in the wind tunnel 2109
Фото №2 Flying in the wind tunnel
Flying in the wind tunnel
Фото №3 Flying in the wind tunnel
Flying in the wind tunnel
In 2016, the large-scale development of the Freezone complex began. A comfortable hotel with 23 rooms of different classes is being built on the territory of the center, which is planned to be launched in 2018. The complex features a Banquet hall, a café and a restaurant, the VR-world, cable car town. In our sports and entertainment Park You can hold events of the following types: conferences, children's parties, corporate events, children's games.
In 2016, the complex was reconstructed, thanks to which there is currently a bar on the territory of Freezone, which offers views of the flights and there is a children's room.

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