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"VR-Polygon" is a tactical shooter, in virtual reality. in which the player becomes not a spectator, but part of the whole game process.

VR Amusement World has been developed and implemented by DVR, one of the leaders in the VR technology market. With the help of the company's own Smart Track development, the company has created a technology for creating virtual game spaces, in which users can directly interact with computer objects and environments

Smart Track allows you to track the position of 256 moving objects in unlimited space in real time with millimeter accuracy. The information is transmitted via a WiFi-router to the server, which integrates it into virtual reality, eventually displaying on the player's screen a picture with a frequency of 60 frames a second. The system uses IR cameras and IR trackers, as well as mobile phones in VR helmets.

There are 27 high-speed cameras, several powerful routers and a server on the Freezone range over an area of ​​more than 150 m2. He not only controls the game, but also allows team fans to watch her from the next room on the monitor screen. While this can only be done in real time, but soon customers will be able to receive records of their battles.

As a weapon, the latest technology is used: The Nerf series automatic is an assembly inside which a positioning device, an accelerometer and a gyroscope are located. Using the calibration button, you can configure the machine so that inside the game the direction of the drawn muzzle coincides with where you directed it in reality, without creating a discord in the sensations.

Шесть игроков появляются на карте в разных местах. У каждого свой лабиринт. Необходимо дойти до центра карты, собраться вместе, уничтожить зомби, поставить бомбу и взорвать её.
от 1 до 6 человек
from от 500 до 1000 rub
VR-Полигон и квест
Подготовка к бою занимает лишь пару минут, включая краткий инструктаж. Игрок надевает шлем, беспроводную гарнитуру с прикрепленным сверху белым шариком-маркером, кладет в карман батарею-пауэрбанк и берет в руки автомат. Игра начинается в «темном мире» — двигая головой верх-вниз и поводя автоматом из стороны в сторону, вы синхронизируетесь с «миром»
Надежно «привязавшись» к миру, можно смело вступать в бой. Единственное ограничение — быстро бегать запрещено, ведь тогда может появиться риск врезаться в другого игрока или сотрудника поддержки.
от 1 до 6 человек
from 300 rub

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