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Two tunnels manufactured by the American company Skyventure - the world leader in this field. The size of the flight zone is the largest in Russia/Europe.

Who among us in childhood did not dream to fly? Tunnels will help to make your dream come true, directing the air up and allowing to take off. The simulator is able to fully simulate the state of flight, allowing you to also perform various tricks. The pipe is suitable for those who do not dare to jump with a parachute because of fear of heights or not possessing enough free time.

The tunnels was first used to simulate free fall in the United States in 1964, long tunnels like the very first one, used for training military parachutists and athletes later. A special distribution of the tunnels had to 90-e. Today, everyone can make a flight in the tunnels for fun. Order a flight in a tunnels in Moscow, you can in our complex Freezone. We have affordable prices for flights in the tunnels.


Tunnel 15 m.

The tunnel 12 R4-1000

Diameter - 3.7 m

Height - 15 m

Flight capability

up to 4 people*

Maximum flow rate 300 km/hr

Wind tunnel 15 m/12’

Tunnel 21 m.

The tunnel 16,5 R4-2000

Diameter - 5.3 m

Height - 21 m

Flight capability

up to 8 people*

Maximum flow rate 300 km/hr

Wind tunnel 21 m/17’
*Joint flight from two people is allowed only for athletes

Give the flight to your family and friends!

tunnel device

According to the design, namely, the location of the screw, the vertical tunnels are divided into inflating and sucking.

Inflating tunnel. This type has a simpler design: Under the grid on which the people are, the screw is rotated by a diesel or electric motor. The design allows not to limit work area. This device is more mobile, and such an tunnel in Moscow can meet at various events as an attraction.

Suction tunnel. The screw is located at the top of the pipe, which means installation in a specially designed dedicated to this building. The tube motors are located above the flight zone and are designed to suck air inside. In this case, the suction tunnels are divided into open and closed type. The most successful option for the cold Russian climate is a closed pipe.

The air flow in the tunnel is created by means of several engines, the speed of circulation is subject to change. To date, flying in a tunnel has become an integral part of training skydiving professionals and a popular leisure activity for all who want to feel free to fall.

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