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Corporate and holiday events in Freezone

the law of gravity!

Corporate events

Here are held corporate parties, birthdays, quests and trainings. For the event, you can order animation, catering, a buffet table, a separate room, a group flight service, etc.

FREEZONE is the only complex in the world where 40 people per hour can fly simultaneously.

Children’s Parties

You taught your children to walk, let us teach them to fly!
Offer your kids something «out of this world» experience and organize a birthday party at FREEZONE!

They feel the same sensation as skydiver does when they are free, but they will be in a completely safe, controlled and fun environment.


VR Polygon is a new format of virtual reality. Players, united in teams, move around the area of ​​200 square meters. The task of the team - to destroy the base of rivals.

This is your favorite team shooter Counter-Strike or Warface, transferred to virtual reality. There is no longer need to click the mouse - this is a complete immersion. You do not play the game - you are part of the game.


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